Why do we procrastinate? There are many reasons, but one of the most common is avoiding the anxiety associated with the work needing to be done. Of course, the stress of procrastinating is usually much more intense than any anxiety we might experience in completing the work; in other words, the anxiety is related to our thoughts about the the project, not the project itself. Beginning the work — in some small, concrete way — such as just thinking about the project and writing out a task list — will both relieve the immediate anxiety and make our lives less stressful.

I started working for myself last year, and now that it’s tax time, my anxiety about preparing my self-employment income taxes started peaking last week. Yesterday, I was able to break through my procrastination and find excellent resources for the self-employed and small business on this Internal Revenue Service site: Starting or Ending a Business.

On what project are you procrastinating? Take one step today and tell us about your results!

One thought on “procrastination

  1. MJB says:

    I also think about the negative impact of my procrastination on others (and worse, the impact of others’ proscrastination on me).


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